Water Damage Extraction Wet Pad Removal Antimicrobial Treatments. (To inhibit mold, mildew,& bacteria).

Restoration Drying Process. (Retards growth of odor causing organisms).

Reinstall and Clean Carpet. (Sanitize carpets to an enviromental safe conditions as per E.P.A. standards.)

Water damage to carpet is classified into three catagories.

Fresh water is exactly that � FRESH. Usually this would be from a break in your water supply line within your house. It could also be from ground water leaking in from the outside, usually during a rainstorm. There would be no concentrated amount of bacteria in this type of water occurence.

Gray water could also be from a rainstorm, but would include types of bacteria that would try to culture during the wet period. This could also be from a toilet overflow not containing much waste matter.

Black water comes from a sewer backup and usually contains a high amount of harmful bacteria. This is the most severe water backup and should only be dealt with by a professional who has had specialized training, has the right equipment, and can show verification of their ability to handle this situation correctly.

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