Carpet Repair

We have also been trained in all aspects of carpet repair. Carpet repair would be categorized as replacing an area of damaged carpet (seamed in); fixing frayed or destroyed edges or areas of carpet; and repairing carpet where it meets metal edging or adjacent floor types.



Carpet Stretching

A lot of times carpet will appear to have ripples along the width or the length. This is due to several reasons. One of the biggest reasons for this condition is an improper installation in the first place. I would always suggest an installer use a power stretcher ( a long device with telescoping poles, a padded tail block, and a large gripping head ) to initially install and stretch tight the carpet. Another reason carpet may need stretching is that it has relaxed over a period of time and has " grown ". We always give our customers FREE estimates for stretch work because it is almost impossible to give an exact price over the phone. We have to see the carpet to determine if it is even worth investing the money into stretching it.



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