Pet Urine

We all love pets. Puppies and kittens are so cute and cuddly, it would take someone with a very cold heart not to love them. But the same pets that bring us such joy and happiness, also can create some very big problems - especially when dealing with carpet and upholstery. When Fido or Muffy have an accident, here's the way we professionals take care of it. Also included are a few tips that you can try at home. Please keep in mind that some pet spots are permanent, no matter who tries to clean it up. Some factors like: what the pet ate or drank, the time that the contamination has been there, the fiber composition, and other details will determine the success, or failure, of cleanup.

WARNING: This help file applies ONLY to synthetic, colorfast carpeting. Please don't try these steps on upholstery! Call in a professional for contaminated upholstery.

An old saying holds especially true for pet spots - "The longer it sits, the worse it gets!". Pet spots should be remedied AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


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